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Yii Crafts and Design

In Taiwanese philosophy, Yii means change and transformation and is believed to be the underlying law of Nature. In keeping with the philosophy Yii, a zealous design project, was created by NTCRI (National Taiwan Craft Research Institute) and TDC (Taiwan Design Center).

It aims to transform traditional craft in the contemporary context through design, in order to bring extraordinary objects to our immensely impersonal environment.

“Yii”- pronounced as the letter E – is derived from three Chinese characters. The first represents the central idea in Eastern philosophy: the rotation between the sun and the moon, yin and yang- the changing and unchanging laws of nature. The second one represents exquisite craft, and the last one stands for ideas and creativity.

I am truly inspired by all their wonderful creations and their story.

Lantern by Designer, Tong Ho and Craft Artist, Tsun-jen Lee

This ceramic version of a traditional Taiwanese lantern reveals its decoration only when lit, due to an inner LED system.

Lace Bowls by Designer, Ching-ting Hsu and Craft Artist, Tsun-jen Lee

A refined and emotionally poetic object of intense tactility and visual softness. Oriental embroidery pattern meets Western elegant lace. These bowls express wedding blessing that Chinese mothers give to their daughters. The porcelain’s gradient transparency plays with light that almost penetrates the membrane-like surface which is thinner on the top and thicker on the bottom. – Yii Design

World Cups: Reincarnation by Designer, Idee Liu and Craft Artist, Ching-tian Cai

World Cups: Croaking Frog by Designer, Idee Liu and Craft Artist, Chi-hsiang Yeh

World Cups: Silky Clouds by Designer, Idee Liu and Craft Artist, Jian-an Su

World Cups: Placid Dragons by Designer, Idee Liu and Craft Artist, Meng-chen Lin

Traditional Taiwanese crafts such as woodcarving, Koji pottery, glass blowing, and silversmithing are combined with the global Starbucks symbol.

The recognizable shape and circular logo element of the Starbucks cups are integrated with various craft traditions to give each object a unique local character. Creative input by the Taiwanese craftsmen contributed to the decorative details, such as the climbing beetle and flower pattern, of the final design. – Yii Design

Moon Rabbit Cup by Designer, Hsiao-ying Lin and Craft Artist, Jun-ching Tang

An interpretation of the famous Chinese fairytale about the rabbit on the moon, traditionally commemorated every autumn in Taiwan during the Moon Festival celebrations. The rabbit sips the water along the lip of the cup and looks at the inverted image in the water, which sometimes reflects the moon.- Yii Design

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