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Success and Failures Check-In

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone?! I cannot believe that it is already November (even though it’s still crazy hot outside). But more importantly, it has been 5 years since I started this blog! I have been a bit slow keeping up, but this is where I remind myself gently how much I have been busy with.

I am attempting to be more kind to myself since I constantly feel guilty about what I am spending my time on. As some of you might know, I decided to go back to school in January, and really focus on growing Marvi Beauty. I am excited to be heading closer to my goals, but unfortunately, that has meant that Gillannie has fallen through the cracks. I thought it would be great to step back and check-in with a few successes and failures I mean “bumps in the road” that I have had since I set out on my journey of living with intention. And hopefully picking up the pieces with Gillannie while I am at it!

Marvi Beauty has felt a lot more refreshing this entire year. We have seen growth in wholesale accounts and just the consumers we am attracting. We also got Best of Atlanta from Creative Loafing, along with some of our favorite Atlanta makers, which was a delight and a humbling honor. We are doing more craft and art shows, which has been such a huge learning experience. The shows have given us such an amazing opportunity to speak with our consumers directly and get their reactions and opinions on the products instantly. What I have struggled with is marketing and really getting all the operations and logistics streamlined in the business. Currently, I am the only one working full-time on Marvi, and finding time to do everything has been a challenge. But hopefully, this upcoming year I can slow down and make necessary changes that’ll help us meet more goals. It is definitely a growing process, but I am loving every single second of it!

Personally, the 100 Days Project was a very gratifying experience. As adults we don’t really make time to do art projects ourselves. Especially as someone who has a creative job, it is difficult to do something imaginative for yourself, on your own time. So forcing myself to get into a habit of taking time out daily to do calligraphy was absolutely rejuvenating! During the project, I connected with a lot of strangers (some even became friends) and reconnected with a lot of familiar faces that sent suggestions or encouraging praises. It also became such an amazing ice-breaker for many that were acquaintances. People would bring up seeing my project on social media, and it was very inspiring to know that others were connecting with something that was personal to me. I had a lot of people reach out when I didn’t get a chance to post something, and a lot that said they were making it a habit to look for my daily post. I realized quickly that it wasn’t just my project anymore and others were investing their time in it as well! I hope to continue doing these sort of projects every year, and just seeing where the journey leads me. I really truly hope I can inspire at least one other person to do the same. Maybe even someone who hasn’t connected to the arts as I have because as I always say, everyone is an artist, they just don’t know it yet! 

After the 100 Days Project ended, I decided to take up reading again, which I hadn’t done as regularly as I would love to, because I didn’t think I had the time. But as soon as I began, I was starting to make time. And it has been sooo invigorating taking time out to just escape into the pages instead of becoming a digital zombie in front of the T.V.! I really hope to keep reading into the new year, and am always open to suggestions if you have any!

I didn’t mean to come back and write an entire essay or make excuses for not keeping up, but just wanted to share how I was doing and where I was heading. I hope everyone has had some wonderful days that are full of creative energy! And I hope you’ll check back in every so often to find inspiration to try something new, or just enjoy the remarkable creative adventures other artists and designers are on!

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