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Round Two of 100 Days Project

Top Knot
Day 23/ 100
Watercolor Painting

First of all, the website was experiencing some technical problems, but they have all been resolved and I am back! I apologize if you were trying to check it out in between.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram (@q_annie) then you are probably missing out on my round two of 100 Days Project, and this time around I am pursuing illustrations! I began my journey in art a bit late – more at the end of middle school and beginning high school, and it quickly consumed me. I took every single art class I could, became National Art Honor Society president and even won a few awards in between. In fashion school, I continued my art journey and grew to love fashion illustrations, but after repeatedly hearing about “starving artists” and “fashion illustration is a dead career” I slowly let go of it and concentrated on my main goal of fashion design. Don’t get me wrong, fashion designing was my first love, but I had a second one that I treasured equally, which I slowly let go of. I would get a few commissions here and there, and my parents would always tell me I needed to pick it back up. But who wants to go on a dead-end route?

A year ago, while scrolling Instagram, I realized that it was NOT a dead end. The wonderful community of creatives is fighting to keep art alive and thriving, and I decided that I would pursue it again.

I started my 100 Days Project 24 days ago and have loved every. single. second. I didn’t realize how much I had missed it, and how beautifully it affects me. I really do hope I can continue because the peace and contentment I have garnered in the daily practice is like no other. I feel more confident, more happy and more at peace. It’s like I finally decided to follow what my heart was leading me to. Might sound a bit “woo-woo” to some, but trust me if you do what you love it always ends in something like this. And I hope you will! Follow your heart, do what you love and live everyday with gratitude.

I do want to thank everyone for all the lovely messages, calls, texts, DM on Instagram and in-person conversations. You guys are making this journey absolutely dreamy and I love that so many people are enjoying what I am putting out there.

Thank You!

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