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CJ Hendry

CJ Hendry is an Australian artist who specializes in photorealistic pen drawings. Her subject matter is mostly luxurious fashion objects, like shoes, handbags, clothing, etc, which are rendered on huge sheets of paper using everyday black pens.



CJ’s masterpieces can take anywhere from hours to months to finish. Her incredible attention to detail and patience can be witnessed through her Instagram account.


“I was under the impression that going to university and doing a hard degree with a well-paying job would satisfy me… I couldn’t have been more wrong. I have failed my way through university and have been kidding myself ever since enrolling. This past year of drawing non-stop has fulfilled me in ways I cannot even explain. I feel a sense of satisfaction with what I do and believe me I am a better person for it.”- CJ Hendry via You the Designer




via You the Designer and Booooooom

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