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Set Your Hair on F I R E | U N S E E N | Color-Changing Hair


I am super excited because my Harry Potter dreams may soon be realized! Alchemist, and self-proclaimed witch, Lauren Bowker of T H E U N S E E N has created the first color-changing hair dye. The F I R E dye is inspired by occult glamour.

Glamour – “originally was a term applied to a magical-occult spell that was cast on somebody to make them see something the spell-caster wished them to see, when in fact it was not what it seemed to be.” – Wikipedia

F I R E can be applied as a semi-permanent dye, and is available in multiple color ranges from bright red to soft pastel blue. The hair literally changes color, like mood rings, due to temperature fluctuations. The dye launched during London Fashion Week in collaboration with Storm Models (Nymphadora Tonks could easily be behind this…right?!)! And to make it all even more amazing, F I R E celebrates women in science and encourage young women to seek opportunities in fields of science and engineering.

Via  T H E U N S E E N

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Marvi Beauty update

I wanted to share some very exciting news –
the Marvi Beauty website is finally live!

website screenshot

website screen shot 2

We are now offering international shipping as well. Woohoo!

To celebrate the happy occasion we are offering 15% off of our best seller, Marvi GrowBrow! Just type in “GILLANNIEGB” at checkout, and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list on the website for more deals and discounts!


If you have no idea why I am excited about Marvi Beauty click here to find out!

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Marvi Beauty

I am so delighted to finally share a natural beauty product line that my mom and I have been working on together!


A little about us and our company:

Marvi Beauty is a skin and hair care company with 100% natural products crafted by hand in small batches. All our products are made from high quality ingredients that combine with essential antioxidants and vitamins found in nature to enhance and redefine beauty. In order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our products, we test each one on our wonderful friends, family members and ourselves (with their permission of course)!

Some of our recipes have been passed down to us from past generations, i.e. Marvi Grow: Herbal Hair Oil, while experimenting with new materials and ideas helps us create others. Marvi means beauty redefined, which has become the heart and soul of our entire company. We are always working and redefining our products, making changes where necessary.


Marvi Beauty was founded in 2013, but some of our products have been around way before then. Nissa, my mother and a cosmetologist with many years of experience, realized that a lot of clients, like her, were looking for natural products that dealt with hair loss, acne, and a wide range of other skin and hair issues. Utilizing her knowledge in cosmetology, alongside remedies and rituals from her Indian heritage, she began formulating hair and skin care products for some of her clients. Once clients started coming back to ask for more, raving about the results, we realized it was time to expand into the mainstream market. Combined with my design and product development background, and my mother’s knowledge in beauty, Marvi Beauty was formed.

DSCF2220 DSCF2211We create all of our own original recipes and packaging, and manufacture all products ourselves.

All products are created with:

– 100% natural ingredients
– 100% vegan ingredients
– Packaged in recyclable and reusable materials
– High quality therapeutic grade essential oils
– Plant based food grade cold pressed oils
– Free of fillers, low-grade oils, petroleum, and mineral oil
– Made in small batches in Stone Mountain, GA

You can check out more of our products and purchase them from our Etsy shop!

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I have taken my obsession with cupcakes to a whole another level…

Who doesn’t love Funfetti nails?!

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Tribal Love

I am seriously obsessed with anything and everything tribal/ ethnic, and definitely don’t see it ending anytime soon. So get ready to see it popping up in my projects! Here’s project #1.


The Inspiration:

Some patience, coffee and many many breaks later…

The Result:

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