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Wally Found

Waldo of Where’s Waldo exists and this instagram account is where he’s hanging out! The real-life character travels the world, exploring new places and taking in the incredible sights. The best thing is that you can follow along with him.






Follow Waldo here!

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Andy Yeung’s ‘Urban Jungle’

When you think of Hong Kong you undeniably think of all the skyscrapers looming over the city. The city’s tightly-packed towers are some of the tallest in the world, and have been documented by a range of local and international photographers for their visual and architectural qualities.

Hong Kong Photographer, Andy Yeung, has captured the metropolis from a new perspective using a drone camera, appropriately labelling the series “Urban Jungle.”

Urban Jungle 01

Urban Jungle 02

Urban Jungle 03

Urban Jungle 04

Urban Jungle 05

All images via Andy Yeung

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My Big Fat Indian Wedding / Atlanta, GA

Time has flown by! It’s 2016 already and I cannot believe that I have been married for almost 5 months! I am so excited to finally share a bit about our wedding planning and of course some of our treasured pictures.

All those that know me can vouch for the fact that I am very particular in my likes and dislikes, and have a certain vision going into all my endeavors. I can be controlling at times… okay most of the time. So imagine planning the biggest day of my life or rather five consecutive days of events! I couldn’t even fathom hiring a wedding planner to help me. Giving up that much control is a bit difficult for me. And of course, I knew what I wanted, so hard could it be? Oh boy! I had no idea! It took my husband and I more than a year to plan everything, and we could never have done any of it if it weren’t for our remarkable families and friends. We had the most amazing support system that took our vision wherever we needed it to go.

My biggest concern from the beginning was of course the venue and the fashion. Being a fashion designer, I have dreamt of my wedding dress(es) for as far back as I can remember. But it’s one thing to have an idea in your head and another to make it a reality. I was lucky enough to not only design most of my own clothes, but I sewed two of them myself, and designed most of my jewelry as well!

As for the venue, we both wanted to find something that would bring nature in. We wanted to keep our main reception day simple and elegant, and Ashton Gardens in Atlanta, GA gave us the perfect place to do exactly that. We wanted greenery all around us, and we found that and so much more!

The one aspect of our wedding that we weren’t at all worried about was the photography and videography. That can be unnerving for most, but the amazing Halie Johnson of Halie Johnson Photography helped capture our engagement party, and so we knew we were in trustworthy and magical hands with Halie and her assistant/ fiancé Alec Stanley! Due to an emergency Halie had the talented Kiyah Crittendon of Kiyah C. Photography on Sunday to help out. We met Stephen and Sofy Payne – our videographers – through Halie. We wanted someone whose style was similar to Halie’s, and we couldn’t be happier with Stephen Payne Photography. Our decorator was Beenish of Events InStyle by Beenish who is the sweetest and most accommodating. And for makeup I had my wonderful aunt, Ruby of Ruby Beauty Salon for three events (Mehndi, Pithi/Sangeet and Satada); and Anh of Beauty by Anh for Nikkah and Reception. Both Ruby and Anh are masters of their trade, and made me look amazing!

A few other vendors that made our wedding possible – our wonderful DJ from Sketch Sounds Productions , mehndi artists from Ruby Beauty Center, Invitations – XHD Invites, Cake – Inspirations Unlimited, live music mehndi night – DJ Akber Bhamani, Florist – Debbie, and Vintage Car Rental – Special Day Limos.

Day 1 – Mehndi (Henna) Night

Mehndi is the art of painting elaborate patterns on the skin with henna.

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Day 2 – Pithi

Pithi refers to a cleansing ceremony, in which the bride and groom are rubbed with turmeric paste in a beautification process. It is believed that turmeric softens and whitens the skin, so the purpose of this ceremony is to help the bride and groom be radiant for their wedding.

Day 2 Second Event – Sangeet

During the Sangeet, the bride and the groom’s family and friends sing and perform dances as a tribute for the couple.

haliejohnsonphotography-annieandnoordin-452 haliejohnsonphotography-annieandnoordin-460 haliejohnsonphotography-annieandnoordin-470 haliejohnsonphotography-annieandnoordin-478 haliejohnsonphotography-annieandnoordin-576 haliejohnsonphotography-annieandnoordin-581 haliejohnsonphotography-annieandnoordin-585 haliejohnsonphotography-annieandnoordin-593 haliejohnsonphotography-annieandnoordin-595 haliejohnsonphotography-annieandnoordin-605 haliejohnsonphotography-annieandnoordin-608

Day 3 – Nikkah (Religious Ceremony)

In Arabic, marriage is called Nikkah. The religious ceremony will consist of the recitation of Nikkah Nama (The Marriage Contract) in Arabic. This is followed by a translation, the acceptance from both the bride and the groom, and the signing of the Marriage Contract. After the ceremony, the family ties the ends of a shawl or scarf on the bride and groom in a sacred knot symbolizing everlasting togetherness.

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Day 3 – Khoba Khobi

The last ritual consists of the bride and groom sitting in front of each other with a bowl of rice between them. A coin is dropped inside, and the bride and groom have to search for the coin. Whoever finds the coin first, again, is considered to rule the household.

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Day 4 – Ceremony & Reception

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Day 5 – Satada

The intimate tradition of my family officially giving me away to Noordin- our See-Off Supper.


 Check out more of our amazing pictures on Halie’s blog here and Kiyah’s blog here!

And if you missed it – check our our wedding highlights by Stephen here!

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Clouds Underwater

Okay so this video isn’t about clouds underwater (that would be insanely cool). But the time-lapse, captured by storm chaser Alex Schueth, of a rare cloud formation called an undulatus asperatus evokes an underwater feeling, and it’s pretty darn amazing. Schueth documented the cloud earlier this summer during a storm over Lincoln, Nebraska.

Via Alex Schueth

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Earth & Sky

The video displays the winners and other notable photographs of the 5th International Earth and Sky Photo Contest, featuring awe-inspiring nightscapes from all over the world. The contest highlighted a style known as “landscape astrophotography”, which combines elements of the night sky and the Earth’s horizon.

The contest is a collaboration between The Earth At Night (TWAN), the National Optical Astronomy Observatory and Astronauts Without Borders. These sponsors aim to raise awareness of issues dealing with light pollution.

Light pollution (excessive light that scatters to the sky instead of illuminating the ground) not only is a major waste of energy, it also obscures the stars, interferes with astronomical observatories and, like any other form of pollution, disrupts ecosystems and has adverse health effects.

This year’s contest consisted of more than 1000 entries, from both professional and amateur/hobby photographers from 55 countries around the world.


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Dance Peace Love

I am captivated by the incredibly vibrant work of Indonesian photographer, Nicoline Patricia Malina. Each one of her series seem to tell a story.


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Kate King Sari Style

Canadian beauty and the face of Dolce & Gabbana, Kate King, modeled elegantly draped silhouettes inspired by Indian sari’s for her latest shoot featured in How to Spend It Magazine from the Financial Times. Andrew Yee of Atelier Management captured looks styled by Damian Foxe with pieces from the likes of Chloe, Givenchy and Gucci.

I am obsessing over every one of these looks, especially all the breathtaking jewelry!











Via Fashion Gone Rogue

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Underwater Beauty


Benjamin Von Wong, a Montreal-based photographer, has captured some remarkable underwater shots, off the coast of Bali, alongside a 50-year-old shipwreck.



Check out the videos below to see how it all came about!

All images and videos via Von Wong


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Road Trip to OKC

My family and I took a road trip from Atlanta, GA to Oklahoma City, OK this past weekend. We were quite reluctant to make the trip after all the tornadoes effecting the area, but luckily we found beautiful weather throughout the journey. I thought I would share some of the pictures I captured throughout the trip.

All images © 2013 Qurratulain Ali

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Wonderland by Cade Martin



Photographer Cade Martin of Washington D.C. teamed up with dancers from The Washington Ballet and photographed them, for the series entitled “Wonderland,” against these breathtaking, magical backgrounds. I am instantly transported into a world of beauty and grace reflected through the strength of these remarkably talented individuals.







via Enpundit

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